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Rules Book (Fall 2019) Corrections

GPLTL membersplease note the following corrections for the latest edition of the Rules Book (Fall 2019) is posted below. Please be aware that the on-Line version of the By-Laws and Rules are correct and will always be the most updated version.

This is posted here for you to correct your Rules Book.

P. 5: President Duties: 4 & 5 got deleted. Leave 1-3 the same, add 4 & 5 below and then change #4 to #6.

4. Shall give approval to all league publications before they are printed.

5. Shall designate, with Board approval, several authorized signatures of checks.

P. 6 F. Treasurer

9. Shall submit any necessary documentation with the State of Florida to maintain the Non-For-Profit status of the LTL. (don’t include the underline)

P. 7. H. Rules Chairman

5. The Rules Chairman and her Committee may be responsible for accepting nominations for the Sportsmanship Award and voting who should receive recognition each season.

P. 12. E. Procedure for adding players: (This section is numbered incorrectly and missing a rule. Here is how it should read:)

1. No new player may be added to the roster for any of the final three (3) MATCHES of the season.

2. Send Player Profile/Add Sheet to the 2nd Vice President for flight approval, via U.S. Mail or electronically.

3. Send Player Profile/Add Sheet with dues to the Treasurer, via U.S. Mail or electronic banking, including but not limited to PayPal.

4. A player may be eligible after 7 days of receipt (electronically, postmarked or hand delivery) of the Player Profile/Add Sheet or payment of dues, whichever is later.

5. When a new player has been added to the roster, the 2nd Vice Presidents are responsible for notifying the Scorekeepers and the Treasurer for confirmation of dues received.

P. 13-14. Delete H. RULES CHAIRMAN in it’s entirety.

p. 14. IV Captain’s Responsibilities: A. #5 & 6: should read as follows:

5. For any and all changes to the official schedule, both captains must agree and give written notification to their scorekeeper.

6. The captain or a team representative should be accessible by phone to monitor playing conditions on match day.

p. 15 B. Match Day #5&6 should be replaced as follows:

5. Grievances may be initially submitted verbally, in writing or electronically to a member of the Rules Committee or the Rules Committee Chairman within 24 hours of MATCH completion. Any information requested by the Rules Committee Chairman of the grieving team must be submitted by email within 48 hours of MATCH completion.

6. The Rules Committee Chairman is responsible for notifying the aggrieved team upon receipt of the grievance. Said team may submit a written rebuttal to the Rules Committee Chairman via email within 48 hours of notification by the Rules Committee Chairperson.

p. 23. OTHER: Should read as stated below:

3. The Rules Committee may assess a penalty point against a member or a team for conduct unbecoming of an LTL member.

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Holley By The Sea - Gonzalez 0 0/14
Roger Scott - Covell 0 0/14
Roger Scott - Ward 0 0/14
Gulf Breeze - Batten 0 0/14
Gulf Breeze - Galinis 0 0/14
Pensacola Country Club - Passeretti 0 0/14
Orange Beach - Buhl 0 0/14
Roger Scott - Waldon 0 0/14
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